EB 211 Scholarship Recipients

Named Scholarships of $1,000 Awarded in 2018

Arron Associates - Galilea Lopez
The Beaubien Family - Daniel Pacheco
Sandy and Jim Bollenbacher - Dominique Sokan
Rita and John Canning - Iqra Burney and Alyssa Bellow
Donna Epton Continuing Scholarship - Diana Campos, Stephanie Figueroa, Fabiola Hernandez, Estefan Jimenez, and Danica Lopez
Denise and Gerald Fitzgerald, Jr. - Refugio Moreno and Jorge Morales-Medina
Denise and David Long - Giancarlo Rivera
Nancy and John Robb - Karla Robles
Wintrust Community Banks
Palatine Bank and Trust - Jaritza Gonzalez and Salma Zavala
Barrington Bank and Trust - Melania Ioczko and Alexis West
Hoffman Estates Community Bank - Harim Rodriguez


Named Scholarships in Excess of $1,000 Awarded in 2018

Donald Crandall Memorial Scholarship - $4,000 - Lilibeth Arreola - 4 year Renewable

Mary Francis Reidy Memorial Scholarship - $8,000: Christina Bravo - 4 year Renewable, Yemariam Eyob - 4 year Renewable, Shabitha Mohammed - 4 year Renewable, U'Daria Smith - 4 year Renewable

Additional EB 211 Scholarship Recipients
Esteffany Jimenez, Jordan Bonilla, Karla Robles, Anahi Leyva, Rosa Morales, Dominique Sokan, Tillia Dillon, Humaira Alam, Vanessa Alonzo, Fatima Parraguirre Alvarado, Steffi Degado, Ingrid Franco, Cristian Ocana, AnaKaren Ramirez, Rafal Ogurek, Bianca Perez, Sohaib Qazi, Galilea Lopez, Karla Perez, Toby Theobald


Excel Beyond 211 is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization affiliated with Dollars for Scholars that provides personalized mentoring and college-success strategies to selected first-generation college students. The organization also provides smaller monetary awards throughout the school year to help meet unanticipated college-related expenses.  Excel Beyond 211 generates money for its scholarship program through donations from individuals and corporations, and from fund-raising events.


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