EB211 Celebration 2021 - Closing Remarks - Guillermo Quillo - Behind Quillo, from left are the night's other featured speakers:  Dr. Avis Proctor (president of Harper College), Yemariam Eyob and Liseth Pozo.

2020 Graduates and Celebration Program

Cristina Bravo - 2020 Thanksgiving Message

Karla Robles - 2019 Graduate at Celebration & Awards Dinner

College Can Change Everything! - Dr. Daniel Cates, Superintendent of High School District 211, Keynote Speech at the 2018 Celebration and Awards Dinner!



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Excel Beyond 211 Dollars for Scholars from Ian Ryan Interactive on Vimeo.

Excel Beyond 211 Dollars for Scholars® (EB211) is dedicated to mentoring and providing financial information and opportunities to select students who are graduating or have graduated from Palatine, William Fremd, James B. Conant, Schaumburg, and Hoffman Estates High Schools in Township High School District 211. EB211 invests in college-ready, first-generation students from low-income families, aiming to increase their college successes and completion rates.  Excel Beyond 211 Dollars for Scholars® helps these students achieve their educational goals by providing a one-to-one adult mentor to assist each EB211 scholar and by identifying and providing scholarship opportunities.

Excel Beyond 211 was named as the recipient of the 2015 National New Affiliate of the Year Award from Dollars for Scholars for its exceptional service to the students and community that it serves.


Excel Beyond 211 Scholarships for 2021 - Starting on March 4, the application for the Excel Beyond 211 Scholarships will open. The scholarship application will be available to our student-mentees through the Scholarship America - Dollars for Scholars webpage at https://public.dollarsforscholars.org/index.php?action=userLogin. The application will only take a few minutes to complete, and there are several scholarships available.




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